Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Make Alot of Money Really Fast and Easy

Hi my name is Austin Gillett and I have a really good way to make money but you have to have alot of people join with you because teamwork is the way you make money. You help somebody and they help you. THIS IS NOT A SCAM I SWEAR!!!!

Ok the business is called OMINEXO4. O4 is all about living life to it's fullest and healthiest potential. The mission of OMINEX is to create and enviorment that will support:


These 4 keys are focused on OMINEX O4 starting with our unique and exclusive products and continuing as we go forward exclusively with our Distribution Model of paying our customers and IMRs for their "Word of Mouth" advertising. As you continue on, you will discover that this truly is an amazing Company and Product to be a part of. Your timing is perfect, and the entire combonation of the OMINEX O4 compensition plan will allow you to truly get paid what you are worth.

Imagine having products that could help make everyones's life richer, fuller and more vibrant! Imagine having products that should be taken by every child and adult, every athlete and every couch potato! This isn't a product line that is good for some; it is truly something that is needed by everyone! Even if they don't realize it yet!

We are already feeling what OMINEX O4 Products can do, and know that taking these products around the Globe will be an amazing adventure.

You’ll start to see how powerful of an opportunity this could be for you as you continue through this presentation. We know we have the best products and the best Compensation Plan to reward those that help us take these phenomenal and needed products to the World. We created this Presentation to help get the message out to you and to those you share it with.

Can you imagine the potential available to you in both Health and Wealth? Your own Health is important, but this is about a Mission to take the benefits of O4’s Product Line to the masses, to the Global Masses!

As you are starting to see the Vision of OMINEX® O4; lets show you what happens when you apply these products to the “Paid Referral” System within OMINEX® O4, and you will be able to see how OMINEX® O4 can assist you in making all four areas come to a reality for you and for those you continue to share O4 with.

Whether you want to be a Customer of O4 or if you want to participate in the IMR (Independent Marketing Representative) program, you can begin with OMINEX® O4 immediately. You can JOIN at anytime and become a Customer or an IMR. Either one is a great place to start with OMINEX® O4. All we ask is that you just “Get Started” with a minimum direction of getting on one or both of the O4 Products.

OMINEX® has brought two the finest of products to support our over-all health to the marketplace today. These products have multi-patents, and have been proprietarily engineered and formulated exclusively for the O4 product line.

Both Products were created to work individually or together. They share some of the same qualities, yet taking them together is recommended for the most benefits from the O4 Product Line.

OMINEX® O4’s product line is backed by Science and not just a Story about how they came to be. Having these Products isn’t by chance, this is the patient result of years of work and years of experience by the Founding Officers and Relationships of OMINEX® O4.
Both of these products are highly concentrated, conveniently packaged, and are environmentally friendly. They are easy to take, easy to share and once consumed hit your blood stream and start to work for you almost instantly.

And now, let us introduce to you the 2 STARS of the OMINEX® O4 product line, O4 Life enhancement and O4 Life endurance:
O4 Life enhancementLogo and bottle graphic (when Avail) go here-->Life enhancement is a proprietary concentrated blend that combats oxidative / free radical stress for better overall health. O4 Life enhancement’s ingredients are harvested from premium selected super fruits, which are then blended via O4’s proprietary process, for maximum efficacy and high-quality utilization for the body. The use of this process in the O4 Life enhancement creates a cascading effect— allowing for longer antioxidant activity.

Some of the associated benefits of O4 Life enhancement are:
The reduction of UV-induced lipid peroxidation. It boosts body’s antioxidant defense enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase). No pro-oxidation activity. It is a chelator of iron and copper.

Can assist in reducing total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein and glucose. Moreover, it serves as an anti-diabetic, anti-ulcerogenic, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, immunomodulator, and anti-platelet aggregator
Possesses superior free radical scavenging capacity when compared to Vitamin E or C as well as other polyphenolics
Readily bio-available and helps protect against cellular damage by inactivating free radicals
Helps prevent free radical-initiated chemical reactions
Stimulates production of antioxidant defense enzymes
Helps reduce platelet aggregation and supports cardiovascular health
Helps maintain normal cardiovascular function
Helps inhibit fatigue, tension and exhaustion from everyday stressors
Helps to promote mental clarity concentration and alertness
Helps to enhance balanced energy levels for physical performance and endurance
Supports healthy weight management by inhibiting stress responses that can lead to overeating
O4 Life enduranceLogo and bottle graphic (when Avail) go here-->O4 Life endurance is a proprietary concentrated blend containing bioactives that provide energy to the mind and body. For centuries, Himalayan natives, with life spans well over 100 years of age have used the components of what is now O4 Life endurance. This proprietary blend contains a high substance of fulvic acid that is derived in a process for anti-aging and rejuvenation. The result is that O4 Life enhancement can effectively and efficiently boost energy along with a myriad of associated health benefits.

This O4 proprietary blend activates the synthesis of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is used by all living-cells as an energy-source. O4 Life endurance was developed to benefit these targeted areas of the body:
Energy boosting
Immune supportive
Mental cognition
Anti-aging Protected processes ensure that the origin, harvest time and bioactive components are purified and standardized to ensure long term stability in the production of O4 Life endurance, guaranteeing optimal levels of bioactive components.
Some of the associated benefits of O4 Life endurance are:
Revitalizes body and reduces fatigue
Helps restore and sustain energy levels
Helps boost cellular energy levels
Helps to regulate and normalize healthy metabolic function
Helps improve immune function & defenses
Helps in reducing cellular oxidative stress
Helps energize mental strength
Helps improve mental stamina
Helps promote mental concentration
Helps promote mental clarity and focus

OMINEX® has developed a copywrited O4 Compensation Plan. This Compensation Plan was developed with years of experience in both Direct Sales and Network Marketing. This plan challenges any compensation plan in the Marketplace as the most fair, most lucrative and most rewarding for all involved.

Whether you came in at the beginning of OMINEX® O4, or years later, you have the ability to share in what the entire Company is doing, in all areas OMINEX® O4 is available Worldwide. Though it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this program ASAP. This is unlike anything ever offered to the Marketplace, both in Products and in this Compensation Plan.

Those just getting started can earn immediate Commissions and create Residual incomes. Those looking to create an

To best understand the O4 Compensation Plan; there are some basics that you need to understand:

There are 5 parts to the OMINEX® O4 Compensation Plan. As an IMR you are entitled to participate in all 5 parts, and Customers* are entitled to participate only in the Loyalty Rewards program of the OMINEX® O4 Compensation Plan.

PV = Point Value: This is the Dollar Amount each Point (Cycle or Match) is worth. Cycle Points are paid out in full value each week, and Match Points are paid out according to the IMR’s Active Rank from the Week Previous to the Cycle Week; from 20% to 50% of the PV.
PART 1: Fast Start/Retail Commissions:When you Sponsor a Customer or another IMR into OMINEX® O4, you will receive a Fast Start Commission. All Fast Start Commissions will be accumulated in a given Cycle Week, and paid out along with any Cycle Point or Match Point for the same given Cycle Week.

Pay Out Level(s) based on GVP amounts:
Direct Sponsor/Enroller - Wholesale 15%Direct Sponsor/Enroller — Retail 25%
Retail Commissions (From 2nd Purchase forward) Retail GVP will pay out 10% to Sponsor each month. This will be paid out monthly along with the Loyalty Rewards.

PART 2: Loyalty RewardsThese Loyalty Rewards are available to both Customers and IMRs. These Commissions are paid out on/around the 15th of following month for the month they were earned. These will be calculated and paid out on the first weekly commission payout of the following month. These are available to both Customers and IMRs (unless the Customer opts out of receiving Commissions when they enroll).

PART 3: Cycle Point Distribution Pool:Cycle PointsCycle Points are first created when a qualified IMR has 900 GVP, of which a minimum of 1/3 of the 900 GVP (or 300 GVP) comes from either the Left Team or Right Team. The remaining maximum 2/3rds (or 600 GVP) needs to come from GVP from the other Team. When this happens, the IMR will receive a Cycle Point.
There are no limits to how many Cycle Points an IMR can earn each Cycle Week.Match Points
For every Cycle Point an IMR earns, their Sponsoring IMR will receive a Match Point. Match Points are paid out according to the Active Status Rank of the Sponsoring IMR. This ranges from 20% to 50% of the Point Value.

Cycle PoolEach and every Cycle Week, 40% of the Gross Volume Points from the entire sales within OMINEX® O4 will be placed into the Cycle Point Distribution Pool (Cycle Pool). The Cycle Pool is then divided by the total amount of outstanding Cycle Points and Match Points for the same Cycle Week. This will create the Point Value for that Cycle Week.

PART 4: IMR rank advancements
IMRs will earn Rank Advancements based upon the number of personal cycle points and bonus points the IMR (Independent Marketing Representative) is personally realizing for each week. Qualifications requirements will be set for each and every individual IMR.

Active Customers must have at least 40 PV per 4 week activation time to maintain their Placement and to receive the Referral Rewards. IMRs with less than 120 PV will not be able to cycle or earn Rank/Advancement Status or Bonuses.

Part 5: One-Time IMR Rank Advancement Bonuses
One-Time IMR Rank Achievement Bonuses will be paid in the following schedule. Bonus Payments will be attached to the Monthly Residual payouts for the month following the Rank Advancement. Rank Advancement Bonuses are paid out once per IMR for each Rank Advancement Level.

Now let’s review the way the Word Of Mouth marketing, or Network Marketing aspect works with the OMINEX® O4 Compensation Plan.

You JOIN as a Customer or an IMR, and will be working on both your Left Team and your Right Team. Note: Customers will only benefit from the Loyalty Rewards, to benefit from the other 4 Pay Components to the OMINEX® O4 Compensation Plan, you will need to be enrolled as an IMR.

This is a Two-Team Program. Working both the Left Team and the Right Team are necessary to truly take advantage of all 5 Steps of the OMINEX® O4 Compensation Plan.

Your sponsor for OMINEX® O4 is [SPONSOR NAME HERE], and they are already working with you. You are a part of their [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT]. Now, from the moment you JOIN as a Customer or IMA, anyone from that point forward within your Sponsor’s [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] within this Marketing System will be added to your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT]. It could even be far better than that! Your Sponsor’s TEAM that is above them could also be adding People in your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] as well. This effect only multiplies in potential. As more and more JOIN with you, your Sponsor or anyone above or below you within this TEAM, it will increase your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] GVP (Group Volume Points).

The more people that are in your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] the larger your Potential. If you are looking to create an income with OMINEX® O4; you will want to JOIN as an IMR immediately to ensure the largest Potential… And we’ll show you why…

When you become a Customer or IMR, you lock yourself into your Position within the Team. Now, everyone that JOINS OMINEX® O4 through your Sponsor’s Marketing Efforts through this System below you within their [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] they will JOIN in under you, and you will gain in Leverage from their PVP (Personal Volume Points) and the GVP (Group Volume Points) from anyone in their RIGHT or LEFT Teams. The more this happens, the larger your potential becomes.

This is a TWO TEAM plan, and with your Sponsor and everyone that is part of your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] available to add to the Volumes of your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] you could have up to *2/3rds of the work already being done for you! Now we need to cover your [INDICATE THE OPPOSITE; LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT]; this is where both some dedicated work and fun begin!

With the potential of support and ongoing additions to your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT], you will need to work with your [INDICATE LEFT OR RIGHT TEAM HERE FROM SYSTEM PLACEMENT] in order to create more Leverage, and to enable the creation of Cycle Points to begin.

As you do this, you will be creating a TEAM that will create potential for anyone you show OMINEX® O4 to. As you do this and you have both your LEFT TEAM and RIGHT TEAM building and creating GVP (Group Volume Points). When your GVP equals 900 GVP, within the 1/3rd / 2/3rd balance between your Left Team and your Right Team, a Cycle Point is created. There is no limit to how many Cycle Points you can create within a Cycle Week.

As you continue to work with your TWO TEAMS, both the TEAM supported by your Sponsor Directly and your other TEAM, you can create a growing amount of volume month by month, week by week and day by day and thereby create monthly, weekly and daily earned Cycle Points.

This is a Compensation Plan that rewards the IMR for building two Teams and working with the Teams to duplicate the process. The more Cycle Points and Match Points an IMR has; the more he/she gets paid from the Cycle Pool. Once again, in case you missed it; the Cycle Pool is created from the PVP (Product Volume Points) from everyone in OMINEX® O4. This is unheard of in any Direct Sales, or Network Marketing company.

It is a Simple Plan. Yet it pays out more to those who do more. No limits on how much any IMR can earn, and no limits to the Global Opportunity that is being created by OMINEX® O4.

To join This company please go to my website www.austing.o4live.com and check it out I need all the people i can get thank you.